You Know Why You’re Here

It’s hard to believe when all the voices tell you it’s impossible.

It’s hard to believe
when all the voices
tell you it’s impossible.

It’s hard to stand firm
when everyone you know
tells you to run away.

It’s hard to have faith
when the fates seem bent
upon your destruction.

It’s hard to find direction
when you’re confused and
feel lost in a fog.

It’s hard to have hope
when the road behind you
is littered with struggle.

but the one constant that
keeps your heart beating
in an act of defiance

is that voice you forgot,
and put away in a box
as you wallowed in despair.

raise up your weary head
calm your restless spirit
and take peace in knowing

that god has not forsaken you.
god has not forgotten you.
god does not despise you.

in fact, god is proud of you
for if the road was easy
he would not have chosen you

you have a purpose and a dream
that’s been in your heart
since you were a child

you know why you are here
you’ve always known it
though you’ve hidden from it.

wipe the tears from your eyes.
shake the doubt from your heart
and stand up. dammit, stand up.

you are strong and resilient.
you are wonderfully made.
brush the dust from your hair.

it’s time to go. to move on.
to get moving again.
to keep pushing. fighting.

that’s all there is to it.
that’s what keeps you going.
the knowing. the fighting.

it’s hard to be stopped
when your conviction is
stronger than your doubts.

it’s easy to find your way
when you listen to god and
not your weary heart.

you know why you’re here.
so stop your crying.
and let’s get it done.

stop your crying, child.
you know why you’re here.
get it done.

~ Wicasta Lovelace

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