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Ye Shall Not Spew

I just called Jeff and asked him if we could postpone the jam/audition. I’ve felt like one of Saphiri’s diseased targets today. The natural assumption, were it not 2pm, might be that I had a hangover from the party last night, but I passed the hangover line of embarkation around 10:00 this morning. This is something else. If I didn’t just know better, I’d say it was a mild case of food poisoning. Of course, where I would’ve gotten that from I’m not sure. I don’t want to speculate and offend anybody by inferring that it was something that someone brought.
Anyway, Jeff wasn’t happy. He wouldn’t be, since he was already en route when I called him. I put it off as long as I could, determined that I’d eventually achieve some kind of equilibrium, and only called Jeff when it was clear that wasn’t going to happen. As I said, he wasn’t happy. He called the other guys to see if we could postpone it, telling me “I’ll call you right back”; which, of course, could have meant I’d never hear from him again. But he called back a bit later. We’re going to do it on the 21st.

I’m glad he called me back. I wouldn’t have blamed them for passing. It’s beyond bad form to opt out of an initial meeting. I just didn’t want to get up there and spew all over everybody. Although now that I think of it, that would have certainly made an impression, wouldn’t it?
Jeff said “I hope it wasn’t the jitters”, which kind of tickled me. Little does he know, huh? I was the guy that used to get calls from bands an hour before a gig, saying “our bass player can’t make it; can you fill in?” Right now I’m thinking about a time I found myself sitting in the back of a van, hurdling through the back roads of South Carolina with four guys I’d never met before, headed to a gig in a club I’d never be able to find again if my life depended on it, and having it dawn on me that these guys could kill me and toss me out in a ditch somewhere and no one would ever have known what had happened to me. The point is, “Jitters” is not something I’m known for.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to finally jamming with these guys next week. I figure I’ll make good use of the week and pick up on more of those songs from the list. Hopefully next week we’ll be able to do more than just run through a handful of songs. If I can nail about 20 total, we’ll be moving right along.

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