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Wrangling eBay – Day Three

I’m wrangling with eBay again. Showing their usual amazing insight, eBay decided that sellers could no longer post information about receiving personal checks in the descriptions of their auctions. In typical ham-fisted fashion, they decided that any auctions that included the word “check” would be pulled. So if you used phrases like “check this out”, you’re screwed. This naturally put Victoria into something of a panic, because she has over 1,000 listings on eBay, and most of them use phrases such as “check out my eBay store”. There was a very high chance that eBay might pull a substantial amount of her inventory, leaving us to edit and re-list hundreds of listing (a nightmare by anyone’s imagining).
For the past couple of days I’ve been editing the auction descriptions, correcting the language so that eBay’s mindlessly rampaging bots won’t come through and decimate the listings. So far I’ve corrected over 400. I’m not really going to think about how many I have to go. One just keeps on keeping on, right? That’s how get things done, step by step, mile by mile. I’m getting a little weary of it, but so far I haven’t wound up with my head down on my desk, crying and babbling. Between Victoria and I, it’s obvious that I’m the most suited for this, being a Virgo and all. Optimizing large lists of information and correcting chaotic HTML code is definitely something that I’m genetically predisposed to. I think organizing lists to a Virgo is sort of like a vampire being compelled to count dropped matches. We sort of pounce on the opportunity. Well, I do, anyway.
This is something that has to be done, of course. The eBay represents income, and we can’t allow that to be compromised. Especially with me sitting here wondering if I need to give a trucking company a call, nearly panicked because recent opportunities haven’t panned out so well. I’m going to get this issue nailed down, then concentrate on other pressing issues. I imagine I’ll be job hunting again soon if the solution I thought had presented itself doesn’t bear fruit soon. I can’t afford to wait four more weeks for a paycheck
Okay. I guess at this point I’m avoiding this. Time to get back to editing the lists. My target is to nail down another 200 auctions today. Once I get a total of about 600 under my belt, I might actually feel like I’m getting somewhere.

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