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Yes, I now the theme looks kinda screwy. For some reason my style sheets have stopped working. Doesn’t matter which theme I use, the style sheets don’t work. I’ve searched the Internet for clues about what the problem might be, but so far all I’ve found is self-righteous programmers patting total idjits on the head for finally figuring out that they have to upload the right files to the right directories.
My problem wasn’t with a new install. This install has been on the server for awhile, and it’s been working fine. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that my hosting service has been upgrading their version of PHP. I’ve had trouble across the board ever since.
But… I don’t have the problem with stylesheets on any of my other sites, and they’re all on the same server. I don’t even have this problem with any of the other blogs on Just the main blog here. And before any self-righteous programmer can start patting me on the head, I’ve already re-installed WordPress in case any files had become corrupted.
I’ll figure it out. But if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.
Problem has been corrected. Turns out the problem was the SezWho plug-in. Once it was deactivated everything started working fine again. Now if I can just find another decent contact plug-in (Enhanced WordPress contact form hasn’t worked right since the release of WordPress 2.7).

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