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Winding Down

I’m winding down for the evening. I’ll probably hit the sack soon and try to get plenty of sleep so I’ll be fresh in the morning for my drive back to St. Pete. I’ve enjoyed hanging out with Mama (what little I’ve seen of her – the woman is always on the move).
Mama and I went by the house today. I still feel at peace about it. At the moment I can still wander around the property with impunity. Now that I know that the mortgage company hasn’t moved against the property yet, I defy anyone to challenge my right to be there. I put a sign on the inside of the storm door that read “This property is not abandoned” and left contact information. There’s a part of me that would rather just let it go than give my ex-wife a say in what happens to it, but if someone wants to buy the place, I’d sure be willing to talk to them. If nothing else, selling the house might provide enough extra money after paying off the mortgage company to pay for a divorce.
After we left the house, Mama and I went to the hospital to visit my aunt, Sherry. She’s recovering from some nasty surgery. I got a kick out of her. Even hooked up to all sorts of tubes and being tied to a colostomy bag, she’s still full of piss and vinegar. Sherry will always be Sherry. Thanks the gods. I felt kinda sorry for her, though. We were out there around 5pm until almost 7pm. Poor Sherry’s lying out there in that hospital, and none of her kids or grandkids came to see her – on Mother’s Day! What a worthless bunch of people.
Well, that’s touching upon a rant that I don’t want to get into here. I’m glad I went to see Sherry. You never know what can happen to someone in a hospital after surgery. I’m glad I had a chance to tell Sherry to her face that I love her.
I guess I’m going to wander off. Mama’s been talking on the phone since we got back from the hospital. I haven’t seen much of Victoria today. I suspect she thinks she’s taking me away from Mama if she hangs out online with me. But since I got here, Mama’s been doing her own thing, same as ever. Although I know Mama’s glad to see me, I could just as easily not be here. I really haven’t seen a lot of her since I got here yesterday morning.
Well, I’m gonna git. I’m getting sleepy and have no one to talk to. I’m dreading the drive tomorrow, but I’m looking forward to going home. Well, I’m looking forward to seeing Victoria. And I have a new kitten to spoil down there, whose ninja training I need to complete.

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