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With the departure of the guitarist for my band, Catdaddy Pirates, I’ve been forced to cast about for other options. One of the most obvious ideas was to move to the fore a side project that was put on the back burner because of Catdaddy Pirates.

Victoria Sadler and I had long talked about starting an acoustic duo to take into some of the local restaurants and beach clubs. Now that the future of Catdaddy Pirates is questionable, it just makes sense to get the duo going. The name was immediately obvious to both of us.

Back in 1983, my first collaborative partner and I were kicking around names for a band we hoped to start. Of the dozens of names I came up with, one of my favorites was “Windhaven”. That name was shot down as being too soft, but I always kept it in the back of my mind, even going as far as to name my publishing company, Windhaven Network, after it. Twenty seven years later, I’ve finally been given an opportunity to use it.

Victoria and I have decided to call our acoustic project Windhaven. We’ll be working up a lot of sing-along songs, as well as quite a few that touch the heart. In addition, we’ll be working up and recording original material, as well, which hopefully will fit in well with our current tag-line; “Acoustic music for the masses”.

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