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Windhaven Rises

I’m looking forward to working on a new project with Victoria Sadler and Doug “Wolf” Schwartz. Victoria and I had previously discussed the idea of starting an acoustic duo to take into some of the local restaurants and beach clubs. With the recent departure of Catdaddy Pirates’ guitar player, we decided to green-light the acoustic project, and we decided to call it Windhaven.

Since Catdaddy Pirates is re-tooling and considering its options where guitar players are concerned, Wolf decided to join us and lend his capable hand to percussion and backing vocals. I’ll be taking lead vocals and playing guitar. Victoria will be sharing lead vocal chores and playing percussion and piano. Together, we intend to make quite a mark on the Tampa Bay music scene.

We’re currently putting together our set lists and hope to be performing at a venue near your soon. Stay tuned for some recorded covers and original material, You can keep up with the Windhaven project through our web site at;

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