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I haven’t been excited about any project in recent memory as much as I am excited about my acoustic trio, Windhaven (which I’m doing with Victoria Sadler and Doug “Wolf” Schwartz). It’s all such a new adventure. For all of us involved in this project, it’s very much a departure. For me, it means not only playing in an acoustic band for the first time, but playing guitar in a band for the first time. So it’s a departure for me.

We all have high hopes for Windhaven. Sure, the obvious doubts and concerns are there. Is it too late? Are we too old? Will this act be relevant to a contemporary audience? Does it even need to be? All those questions eat away at me. On one hand we all feel like it’s destined to become some great thing, but we’re all forced to temper our enthusiasm with the reservations that come from adult sensibilities.

But… I think we’re all committed to seeing where this goes. Next Wednesday we’ll be performing live for the first time at the venerable Market On 7th, in the old Ybor City section of Tampa, Florida. We’re going to be performing there weekly, and calling the event “Wednesdays With Windhaven” (I thought that one up on my own). It’s our belief, and hope, that somewhere between the quite capable cover tunes we’ll be playing, the collection of original material that we’ve just started recording, and our weekly visits to Ybor City, that we’ll be able to scare up enough work to keep us busy and at least some of our bills paid. That’s not so much to ask, is it?

Anyway, Windhaven is one of, if not the, major focus of my life right now. I haven’t forgotten about any of the other projects (so you Crewe fans should not despair), but it’sĀ imperativeĀ that I find a way to make a living, and I hope that Windhaven will be a step in that direction. I don’t think any of us expect Windhaven to make us rich, but we’re certainly capable of making some money with this. Maybe that’s the most exciting part of it all. I’m finally old enough to realize what’s important in life, and it isn’t snorting coke off of some stripper’s bare ass (that’s a joke about the whole Rock Star fantasy thing, by the way).

We’re going to be posting original material on Windhaven’s web site soon, and hope to have an album on iTunes and in a few months. Where this may go from there is anybody’s guess, but I, for one, am hoping that this might finally be the one thing that can help get the ball rolling.

Over, under, or through. B’god!


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