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I just got an e-mail from someone who was hoping to provide some extra information on one of my genealogy entries in my old database at Unfortunately, locked me out of that database years ago. Well, I sort of locked myself out of it, I guess, once started charging for even the most basic access. I’m not going to willingly be reamed by a bunch of butt-pirates like the bottom feeders at
Well, I thought maybe I should write something about it. Look, if you’ve visited my old Wicasta’s Family Genealogy pages at and Rootsweb, I have absolutely nothing to do with that anymore. I haven’t had anything to do with it in years. So while I appreciate corrections and suggestions, nothing is going to change over there because the butt-pirates won’t even tell me what my old log-in is over there. I just tried to regain access to that database and only succeeded in accidentally registered a new account with Rootsweb.
If you’ve found Wicasta’s Family Genealogy on, please by advised that my database is now housed on my own web site;
I’ll be glad to accept any suggested changes, and I’ll make the ones that make sense. That was my main reason for posting the genealogy database to begin with. I wanted people to have full access to the database without having to pay any fees to I also wanted to make it easier for family members to suggest changes should that have personal information or knowledge that one just doesn’t find in court records.
Apparently, someone does look at the genealogy database on my web site. It’s one of the biggest draws. Maybe people find it because of information that they find on, or maybe it’s just through random searches. I don’t know. If you search for certain names on Google, it’ll sometimes show my database. I just wish there was some way to retire that old, out-of-date database on
Oh, well. It’s free advertising, I guess, and I shouldn’t complain.

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