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Was just reading an article in the St. Pete Times titled “Don’t Rely On Sites Alone”, which talked about how job seekers shouldn’t just do their job searching online. They made some valid points. It’s very easy to send your resume to dozens of different potential employers, and so those employers sometimes drown under a deluge of applications from people who aren’t remotely qualified for the job. It’s very easy to get lost in the shuffle. I understand the points that were made in the article. You should use online searches in tandem with putting in applications in person, and not just hope that the Internet will bring you work while you sit there in your underwear checking your e-mail.
But …
I put in five applications yesterday online. I didn’t go on the Internet intending to submit online applications. I was looking for real world businesses that I could visit this morning in person. What I found was five positions that I was qualified for and interested in. What I did not find on any of the posts was a real-world address that I could visit or a phone number that I could call. In short, I had no choice but to submit my applications through the online submission process at, because that’s what those employers wanted.
So …
Who’s crazy? Am I crazy for looking for work online (I’ve already hit about every real-world place I can think of)? Or are they crazy for posting “help wanted” on the Internet and not providing an address or a phone number? What are they really saying by not posting an address, anyway? It would seem to me that they’re saying they don’t want a bunch of unwashed job seekers bugging their office workers.
I’m coming up with nada here. Now when I look for jobs on, my searches keep coming up with jobs that I’ve already applied for. And when I look in the paper, there’s very little there. What little is there are the very same jobs that are listed on In fact, the Jobs section of the St. Pete Times leads off with “JOBS –”. There’s an incestuous loop going on here.
I suppose I’m just sitting here scratching me head because the Jobs section of the St. Pete Times is tied to, and yet they lead off that section with “Don’t Rely On Sites Alone”. Um … isn’t that what the St. Pete Times is doing?

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