When Will Beck, O’Reilly and Hannity Be Arrested?

Glenn Beck - Open Sedition?I’ve tried to look the other way when the nutjobs have started up their blathering about how President Obama wasn’t born in the United States, because I prefer to believe that those people have simply forgotten to take their medication. But these people will not shut up. Lately this “Birther” movement seems to have become an issue which even some mainstream Republican officials are using to forward their own agendas. This tacit mainstream support seems to be pushing the fringe closer to the abyss of open treason.

I was reminded of this when I stumbled across a post by a blogger named Doc2 (which I’ve borrowed liberally from for the text below) on the Daily Kos web site. He points out a blog entry by Andrea Shea King, a wingnut radio host and blogger who consorts with folks like Sean Hannity, Melanie Morgan, and Glenn Beck. King, of Central Florida, hosts a conservative talk radio program weeknights on Blog Talk Radio. She writes “Surfin Safari,” a weekly column for World Net Daily, and blogs at her site, at The Radio Patriot. A bonafide wingnut, in other words.

What makes Andrea Shea King worth a mention is that she published a letter from a listener, stating that its contents echo what she’s been hearing from other listeners. That letter, from a veteran, starts out by accusing the Obama family of being Soviet-implanted Communists, then posits that President Obama is going to declare martial law and dissolve the government, raise a personal army to keep any revolters at bay, and stay in the White House for life. Thus, according to the letter, we must strike first with a violent revolution.  Among the highlights:

As we discussed last night, it seems growingly clear we will be unable to resolve this constitutional crisis in a peaceful matter. Like your one guest stated there will be blood on the streets. It was already predestined.

These folks have convinced themselves of a sinister plot much worse than the simple forgery of a birth certificate.

Part of the Solinski (sic) play book is to create a crisis so great it would start revolt. It is at this time Obama will step forward with martial law and complete his assigned agenda. At that point, congress and the courts as we know it will no longer exist.Obama’s reforms are no more than baby steps to accomplish the objective. They have nothing to do with their stated purpose. What is not certain is how long Obama will reign or who will step in to take his place. My guess is that there will be an inward conflict as Obama personally has no intention of ever giving up the White House. I don’t know his whole plan except deep in one of the subcommittees is a proposed bill to eliminate term limits for the Office of the President.

And Fox News can no longer deny complicity…

I believe that Obama is counting on his position as commander-in-chief to force the military, active, reserve and guards, to quell the violence and restore peace. Before that happens he will ensure a significant amount of casualties to turn people on each other and cement hate, distrust and discord between neighbors and kin. A house divided cannot stand. As Glenn Beck puts it he will have created the perfect storm. What is our recourse?

Unfortunately we are rapidly running out of time. We need to strike soon.

He makes it clear in the text that his “strike” is with weapons. You know, I agree with Doc2 when he states “I no longer have a bemused attitude toward these people, or people like Glenn Beck (and now Lou Dobbs and Liz Cheney) who encourage these people. That there are blogs that openly talk about armed rebellion against the United States tells me that this is getting out of hand.”

With the recent desecration of the American flag by Glenn Beck, who removed stars to denote which states are, in his opinion, real American states and which are not, you have to wonder when the Secret Service is going to get involved. People like Glenn Beck are careful to never openly encourage open rebellion against the United States of America, but their rhetoric cannot be ignored by any reasonable citizen. When the wingnuts start blowing up Federal buildings and leaving behind manifestos with quotes from the likes of Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, one has to wonder if these maggots will finally be brought to heel and arrested for open sedition against the people and government of the United States of America.

I’d prefer to believe that it’ll never come to that. But it’s hard to discount it when you’re dealing with nutjobs who, in spite of official documents and ample evidence, refuse to believe that President Obama is even a qualified citizen of the United States.


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11 years ago

i wish someone would blow fox studio to pieces.Perhaps it will happen 1 day with all the usual suspects inside along with r.limburgercheese,coulter,bill i am a pedophile simpson,

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