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When The Winds Blow – Released

With no small amount of pride, we released Windhaven’s first full length album of original material, “When The Winds Blow”, this week. It’s been a long, frustrating road to get to this point. Writing and recording the music for the album was one of the most intense, nerve-wracking and ultimately satisfying projects I’ve ever been involved in. Now that it’s finished and has been made available to the public, I’ve found myself drifting a bit, wondering what to go after next.

We’re not finished with “When The Winds Blow” just yet, though. There’s been little interest from friends and family in regard to buying a copy of the CD, but we’ve submitted the album to 35 different download sites, including iTunes, and MySpace Music. We’re thinking more in terms of exposure and making the music available than making money, but we certainly hope that once we get back out there and start playing we’ll drive some traffic to these sites and we might be able to bring in a little extra money.

In the end, Victoria and I both have very realistic expectations about the album. We’re not hoping to become stars or anything. All we hope to do is maybe find a way to make a living from our creativity, from our music and my writing and Victoria’s jewelry. To us, if we can cover our bills while doing what we love, that is the very definition of success.

Whether or not anyone takes notice of the album right now, I am very proud of what we’ve accomplished with “When The Winds Blow”. To my mind, it’s a significant first step. But it’s only a first step. From here we move on to the next project. And if we’re fortunate, we will be able to make another album. And another. And another.

Right now, though, I’m more than happy to take a moment to enjoy this one significant step forward.



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