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What Can I Bring You But Pain?

I’ve been working on songs today, trying to get up to speed well enough to fool everyone into thinking I can hack it as a lead guitar player. Actually, I probably shouldn’t say that. I’m milking the “aw, shucks” sentiment a bit much, I guess. I know what I’m bringing to the table. Maybe I’m not bringing a huge catalog of songs that I already know, but I am bringing a steamer trunk full of possibility. It’ll work out or it won’t. Either way, I’m no worse off. Assuming, of course, that Victoria doesn’t kill me in my sleep.
I finally gave up on learning songs when I stumbled across another original. It doesn’t have a title yet, but I think it might fit in well on the Crewe CD. It has a nice, mopey guitar line, and I really like the progression that surrounds it. So far, the first verse has fallen into my lap, which is;

In her eyes I see the shame.
I’ve gone and fucked it up again.
What can I bring you but pain?
And will you love me all the same?

After that it kicks in a bit and the progression changes. I really like it. We’ll have to see what I can make come of it in the next couple of months. I recorded it in Cubase so I’d remember it, and I hope I can remember the melody of the lyrics. Right now I’m kind of burned out and just want to go crash on the couch, so the prospects of remembering this aren’t good. Which is sort of the reason I jotted down the lyrics here.

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