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Wanna Buy A 6-String Bass Guitar?

I did something unthinkable today. But it’s something that I’ve been gnawing on for some time. I’ve put up one of my bass guitars for auction on eBay. Victoria isn’t happy that I did so, but we need the money and I’ve probably only played the bass 10 times since I bought it in 2004. I’m not going to give it away. There’s a decent reserve price on the thing. But my logic is that even if it doesn’t sell, having it up in the store might generate some traffic that translates into t-shirt sales. Hey… I’ll keep the thing on the chopping block from now on if it generates traffic.
If the bass does sell, I’ll miss it. I always wanted a 6-string. But honestly, it’s not as useful for me as I thought it would be. My Alembic 4-string is all I really need. I’ve yet to use any of my other bass guitars on recording, and (besides the Alembic) am really only attached to the Carlo Robelli 12-string bass. So… this makes sense, even if it leaves a bad taste in Victoria’s mouth. And if the thing sells, at least we’ll have some extra money in our pockets.
So… if you want to buy a quality 6-string bass guitar at a very reasonable price, here’s your chance. This bass is Wic approved, and has been set up according to my diabolical standards. It’sĀ guaranteedĀ to be a keeper.


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