I’m wandering the countryside, currently somewhere east of Cherryville, North Carolina. Observing ancient traditions, I took a trip around the block. Of course, in this instance that meant going south to the Kings Mountain Battleground (well, near it, to drop off a check to the mechanic who’s been working on the T-bird), going east to Gastonia, north to Lowell and Spencer Mountain, and west to Cherryville. From there I’ll head back to Kings Mountain. You know. Around the block.
I went to Gastonia to get my friend Dawg’s bass out of storage. I intend to take it to him tomorrow. I’ll be glad to get rid of it. It’s been an issue between us, and it damaged our friendship. At this point I don’t believe there’s any going back, but the bass is an issue, and I want to settle this.
While I was at the storage room, I straightened up a bit. That did wonders for my spirit. Couldn’t tell you why. Maybe because I was in such a hurry near the end when I was putting things in there that it literally looked like I was just tossing things in there. So I made a little sense out of the chaos, and cleared out an area near the door. You can actually enter the room at this point.
After that, I couldn’t bear the thought of getting back on I-85. I’ve had my fill of the interstate for some reason. So I wandered. Been listening to Free by OSI the whole time, and have discovered that I really like the CD after all.
Well, there’s really nothing else to report. Wandering around has been nice. For once I’ve been able to get my mind to shut up and just go. It’s been nice.

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