Waging War With The Insurance Company

I’m waging war with the posts that we’re required to put on the steps by the insurance company. I’ve already wacked myself in the head with a post and have matted blood in my hair. The nail shooter thingie that I bought isn’t going to work on the cement walkway in the front (the concrete is too old and too brittle for the nails to hold). I’ve just about decided to say to hell with replacing the lumber on the back porch and just putting up the posts and railings on the old wood (I’ll replace the wood later). Right now I’m just trying to figure out how to get this shit done.
We worked on the bathroom last night, stripping the paint from the window frame and patchings some nail holes and chips in the walls. The plan is to finish up with all that by tonight and start painting tomorrow. We’ll see.
We’re supposed to go talk to the lawyer on Monday about finalizing the house loan. The railings are supposed to be done by then. We’ll talk to the insurance people Monday morning and the lawyers Monday afternoon. Hopefully when we hit the road Tuesday, it’ll be with some good news ringing in our ears. That’d be a nice change of pace.

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