Wade Ford Approved The Van

Well, we’re North Cove, picking up our first load of another week. We’ve had some good news, which I haven’t mentioned. Wade Ford approved the van. We paid $1,500 on it, and have to come up with another $2,500 by the 31st. It will be tight, but I think we can do it. They had cleaned up the van when we went in yesterday. I have to say, it’s a damned good looking van. Our payments aren’t going to be bad, either.
In other news, we still haven’t heard anything about the house loan. I have my doubts, but am still trying to be positive. I think we’ll know something for sure this week.
In other news, I’m seriously looking at two new guitars; an Epiphone double-neck (for $550!) that would replace the aria I sold, and a Carlo Robelli 12-string bass (for $400!). I kind of need the double-neck (for the electric 12-string), but I just want the bass. What a wicked thing that would be to add to the arsenal, huh?
As ever, I’m dreaming.

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