Veterans' Day Thanks

You know, today, Veterans Day, I’ve been hearing on the radio the often abused phrase “Freedom is not free.” I don’t think most people fully grasp what that really means. But I heard a self-described “hillbilly preacher” on the radio who summed it up quite well by telling a compelling story. He told the story of a soldier who stayed at his position under fire and refused to leave that position until his comrades could make their retreat. While covering their withdrawal he was mortally wounded and died shortly after. That soldier gave his life so that others might live. He paid the price for their continued existence of others.
That “hillbilly preacher” took the opportunity to thank all veterans for being willing to hold their positions and stand firm so that the rest of us can continue to live our lives. I want to take this opportunity to thank veterans myself. You make it possible for me to live my life as I choose. I am deeply thankful for the price you have been willing to pay so that us Americans can wander around unaware in general comfort and safety while we bitch about about our minor ills and discomforts.
I also want to explain something to you. The Republicans would have you believe that because I tend to vote Democrat and am against the Iraq war that I do not support you. It’s a lie and a complete misrepresentation of what I and people like me believe. I am well aware of the sacrifices you have made on my behalf and I know that many of your comrades paid for my freedom with their lives. I understand the price that has been paid and I am humbled before it. It is one of the things that has shaped my opposition to the Iraq war.
I expect that if our political leaders ask you to stand firm in our stead that your sacrifices are wisely invested and not spent on foolish endeavors or, in the case of Iraq, unnecessary wars of choice. I demand that your precious blood not be spilled for little more reason that to put billions of dollars into to bulging coffers of Halliburton. I demand that those who take advantage of your heroism and patriotism be held accountable.
Do not believe their lies for one moment when they tell you that by questioning them and their motives that I am questioning you and yours. You are the best and most noble among us. If you are willing to stand firm and pay the price for my freedom, I can only repay you by demanding that you are allowed to serve our country and not be outsourced to Halliburton as a temporary employee for their gain. I appeciate your patriotism and determination.
I hope that perhaps after reading this you can see through the Republican lies and misinformation and appreciate mine. Thank you, so much, for my freedom and my life. I hope and pray that I might, by my own deeds and actions, prove myself worthy.

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15 years ago

Dear Wicasta, as a republican and a soldiers wife I would like to take a moment to comment on your posting. I was looking up the “witches hammer” for a thesis project and found your blog. I read a few and needed to comment on this one. Thank you for your thanks to our veterans, but if you ask them whether or not they should be in Iraq it’s like asking the english if they want to be in Ireland… of course not they would say but they feel obligated to keep the poor souls on the right path. BUT has anyone asked the Iraqies??? yes and as sure as Samhain and magic are intertwined to some so will the military industrial complex keep rolling to help countries win democracy over dictators anyday.

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