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Van Halen Shudders

Okay, so maybe Eddie Van Halen isn’t quaking in his shoes just yet, but I’ve been presented with an idea which I’m actually considering. Someone wrote me through my Bandmix page, asking me if I’d be interested in playing guitar with their band. I’m thinking maybe I’ll give it a crack if they actually write me back. I responded, and told them that I thought of myself as a bass player, but that I’d thought about making the switch for years. So as long as they didn’t expect Eddie Van Halen to show up, we could have a meet and greet, and they could tell whether I can play or not.
Like I told Victoria, I’m comfortable on bass. I’d be willing to go out and take on just about any other bass player short of Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke or Les Claypool. I don’t have any such confidence on guitar, and that’s exactly why I’m interested in giving it a shot. If they’d give me a few weeks to get up to speed, I think I could hold my own. And it’d certainly give my guitar playing the shot in the arm that it needs to move up to the next level. There are certain thresholds you just can’t cross without leaping into the deep end of the pool.
Okay, I’m over-analyzing this. Mostly I look forward to meeting some other musicians. There is a huge community of musicians in the Tampa Bay area and I haven’t made contact with any of them. Well, except for Paul Kowalski, who never called me again after we spoke on the telephone (was I too odd, perhaps?). It’s kind of like being a vampire and moving into an area that’s over-run with the undead, but keeping to yourself. Maybe it’s time to go out and meet the freaks.

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14 years ago

Hi Wic
Not sure if you got my last reply from bandmix. My renewal was dec 1st and I didn’t renew it.
Are you interested getting together ??
Thanks Jeff

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