USX Logic

U.S. Xpress called me today to remind me of why I thought they were such a bunch of dumbasses in the first place. A recruiter called to see if I was still interested in working for them. I didn’t mention that I’d already decided to stick with Epes, but heard him out instead. He asked a few questions, and then told me that there was one small problem. They showed I had made an unauthorized trip when I took their truck back to Tunnel Hill, Georgia (yeah, I was sort of quitting the company). He asked me if I would be willing to reimburse U.S. Xpress for the amount of $275 (which is what they figure I owe them for fuel). I told him I would not be willing to do that. He told me to have a nice day and hung up.
I actually got a kick out of this. What a bunch of assholes. I brought them their truck back and they want me to pay for the fuel? What about paying me for the week I sat in North Carolina, waiting for them to work out some way to get me back down there to bring the truck back?
I’m not going to dwell on this. Like I said, I thought it was funny. That’s classic U.S. Xpress. We appreciate you going through the trouble of bringing out truck all the way to Georgia and having to ride back to North Carolina on a bus. We appreciate it so much that we’re going to let you make payments on the $275 we figure you owe us.
Hehe. What a bunch of fuck-tards.

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