Unexpected Solvency

My checking and savings accounts are back in the black. Woot! I got a surprise check from my company yesterday. My quarterly safety bonus (which I had forgotten about amid the swirl of everything else). That makes twice that my safety bonus has saved my ass. Oddly enough, this has improved my outlook on things in general.
I didn’t work yesterday. Well, I did, but I went and delivered in Concord, and had arranged to come back home afterwards. I had some things I needed to take care of.
One of those was getting my T-bird moved. But Mark and I didn’t get over there until after dark. Just for giggles we hooked up to the T-bird with some jumper cables to see if it would turn over. Um … my jumped cables caught on fire. Hehe. I don’t know what that says about the general unhappiness of the T-bird, but I thought it was funny. I told Mark to just get his friend to tow it. I’ll pay for it. Let’s not make this harder or more complicated than it has to be.
Well, I’m getting ready to leave. I’m about to walk up to Food Lion and 1) see if my truck is still there (I have a deep-seated fear of it being towed) and 2) find out what I’ll be doing today. I had thought about working the weekend to make up for yesterday, but I didn’t get those things moved out of the house into storage. I was going to move them in the truck when it was just a few things, but now it seems like a bit much stuff to try to move. So I think I’ll rent a pickup or van this weekend and get this final bit moved over.
This is the last week I’ll be messing around at the house. Once this last batch of stuff is moved, I see no point in going back over there. Sure, the sale hasn’t been formalized, and there’s been no mention of foreclosure from the mortgage company. So until someone says differently, it’s still my house. But what’s the point in hanging around? All I’ll do is what I did yesterday; sit there and stare out of an open window, listening to the wind blow through the trees and finding it hard to believe that this is real.
I’m more than ready to move on. I’m desperate for it. Let’s not torture ourselves.

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