Unexpected Conflict

I’m having a battle of wills with the company. It’s Friday. I was expecting to head home for the weekend, and instead they’re trying to send me to Georgia, saying “we’ll get you home on Saturday.” Oh, hell no. I’m 35 miles from Kings Mountain and you’re going to pull this shit?
I was already annoyed because when I was empty yesterday morning, they gave me a 250 mile load that couldn’t deliver early and couldn’t be dropped. And here I am on Friday afternoon, just getting out of the consignee, having tallied 250 miles for two days, and they’re trying to force me into working the weekend to make up for it?
Actually, if they had given me a little prior warning about, I probably wouldn’t have been so angry about it. But to sneak it in on a Friday when I expect to be going home?
As usual, my fuck-tard dispatcher made it worse by trying to intimidate me into compliance. I could have conceivably been talked into going to Georgia, but he set my resolve in stone by telling me “you signed up to be a truck driver”. What? Now I’m not fulfilling my obligations? What about that “home weekends” they love to stick on the back of their trailers?
There’s no way in hell I’m going to Georgia now. Not after fuck-tard’s tactics. And as I told a friend, I don’t bluff. I told them flat out I wasn’t going to Georgia and to let me know if I needed to clean out my truck. I wouldn’t have said that if I didn’t have some idea of what I would do if they called me on it.

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