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Tropical Storm Fay

I figured I should jot down a few notes so folks can stop worrying so much about us down here in Saint Petersburg. The last track of tropical storm Fay that I saw shows it cutting across Florida heading toward the east coast. That puts it southeast of us here in the Tampa Bay area. So we’ll probably get some wind and some rain, but we’re not going to get hammered or anything.
Thanks to those who wrote me expressing concern. This is a new thing for me (this whole hurricane and imminent death scenario), so I’m not quite sure how to respond to concerned friends and relatives. Victoria is an old hand at it, I imagine. But I’m still scratching my head. Looking out of the window right now, it’s a little windy, but there’s no rain. At least not yet. That could change, of course. I suppose I’m still enjoying that newbie naivete, in that I’m not yet intimidated and worried about a tropical storm potentially coming in my direction. I haven’t experienced a hurricane first-hand yet, so I am not afraid. Or, better yet, “I ain’t skeered!”
Actually, I think my friends and relatives up north are more worried than I am. But then, I’ve never been one to worry about stuff until I have something to worry about. Hell, when I have something to worry about, most of the time I still don’t worry about it. You do what you have to do when you have to do it. Simple as that. Having only tentative connections to reality also helps a bit in that regard.
I’m meandering. I just wanted to tell everyone that we’re fine down here in Saint Petersburg. Nothing much is going on here. At least not yet. What you see on the news is mostly from Key West, I think. Like that idjit who decided it was a good idea to kite surf during Fay and got hammered into the side of a building. Someone called that adventure a “self correcting problem”.
Anyway, just for those who might not know, Saint Petersburg is in the Tampa Bay area on the west coast of Florida, about halfway up. Click here to check out a Florida map with the storm overlay (St. Pete is just south of Tampa). Or if you prefer, here’s a general Florida map with St. Pete tagged. So if you’re prone to worry (that means you, Mama), there’s not much to worry about at the moment. But thanks for worrying.

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