Today's Work Order & The Kindness of A Friend

It’s early. I’m sitting here in front of my computer enjoying a traditional Chaney comfort food (tomato soup). I’m marshaling my forces for an assault on the truck. Yes, I’m aware (mostly because of the comments of some friends) that I use military analogies a lot. Anyone who knows how I do things, though, knows that this accurately describes the way I operate. Once the proceedings are in motion, there are no prisoners taken.
If all else fails, thanks to a friend I have a can of German potato salad lurking in my cupboard. That never fails to fill someone with “piss and vinegar.”
As ever, things have been rather sluggish here. Maybe a short update is in order.
Yesterday afternoon we went to secure a building and a truck. Mama had called the storage facility early and found out that they did indeed have one of the larger rooms that I wanted, so we headed over. It took much longer than it should have to do get this done, because these people 1) are short-handed and 2) leave 20-somethings in charge. The first point means that the kid behind the counter either has to choose to deal with the customers on the phone or the customers in the store. The second point means that decisions as to whom he deals with are based largely upon his whims. For instance, in between processing my storage building and processing my truck, he took the time to wait on a pretty girl. Excuse me, son. Are there any grown-ups here?
I didn’t say it. I wanted to, but I didn’t say it.
Anyway, we finally got out of there. As with every excursion away from home, Mama wanted to stop somewhere to eat. She was thinking Golden Corral. I was thinking Chick-Fil-A. I actually won this one, but I think that was only because we both looked like a couple of escaped convicts. Mama, uncharacteristically, was willing to go into Golden Corral anyway, based upon the sentiment that I didn’t look any worse than she did, but I respectfully declined. I think a lot of Mama’s eagerness came from the fact that she got her alimony check and it’s burning a hole in her pocket. Neither of us really have the money for dining out.
Well, long story short (well, shorter anyway), a 24’ U-Haul truck is sitting in the driveway. We got back around 17:00. I piddled around for a few hours and then went to bed, and have just gotten up with the intention of having at it. I didn’t get much sleep the night before and was running on fumes all day yesterday. Mama didn’t come to the house when we got back from Gastonia, but went home to her apartment. My aunt Sherry is moving in next to Mama, and I think Mama wanted to try to help as she could. I admit that I felt somewhat abandoned by this. But realistically, what could Mama do to help me? And I did mention that I was going to take a nap.
Just between us, I think Mama is getting really emotional about abandoning the house. I don’t think she wants to see things being loaded on the truck. I guess she hasn’t thought about the emotional impact it’s going to have to come into the house and see all the empty spaces.
I should mention one last thing. I put up some groceries this morning, and feel like I should mention the kindness of a friend. She brought over some groceries, which I’ve left sitting in the kitchen floor because I didn’t see a point in putting them up. But for some reason, this morning I put them into the cabinet. One last time, I suppose. There’s a lot more food there than I realized (including my potential secret weapon, the German potato salad). I just want Carmen to know how genuinely and deeply I appreciate the kindness.
Well, the comfort food is gone and I’m sugared up from some of Mama’s tea (anyone who’s ever drank Mama’s tea knows that I could sell it in most states as concentrate). I should go have at it. At the very least, I’ve targeted some large items to get on the truck. If nothing else, seeing the bulk of certain masses removed from the equation here will make me feel a lot better. Right now the plan is to at least move the large stuff into the storage room today. I can ferry the smaller boxes over in the van if I need to. Well, until they come get it (which will be Friday, I think).
I have to get out of here soon. I’ll lose power on Friday. And, well, I’ll be putting my bed into storage today. Very soon this will be a vacant house. From there, it’ll be a brave, new world. In spite of my angst, regret and determined lamentation, I’m rather looking forward to it.
Now if I can just avoid taking another nap.

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