Tired and Loopy

I just picked up a load in Dillon, South Carolina, going to … Somewhere, Pennsylvania. I’m going to take a nap before I leave. Mostly for the safety of everyone else on the highway. I haven’t decided if I’m going to try to hit D.C. around noon or after the afternoon conflagration at rush hour. Probably the latter.
I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. More so than I have in a while. Hell, I dreamed of restoring the upholstery in my old T-bird. Had the magic cloth where you just wipe the surface and it repairs everything. I wouldn’t mind have one of those in real life. Now maybe I can lay down and dream of that some more. The last time I woke up feeling positive. Maybe this time Elizebeth Hurley can help me shine up the vinyl.
My God. The implications of that statement … :: sigh ::
Okay, I’m tired and loopy. Going to concede defeat. I was going to write some more about Mara. But haven’t I really done enough of that already? There doesn’t seem to be any point until she returns fire.

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