Thunderbird Update

I just called to check on my old Thunderbird. They haven’t done anything to it. They’ve had it for over two months and haven’t touched it. I haven’t bitched anyone out. I haven’t complained. I’ve been very patient. But the guy I talked to today was dismissive. He said “your day will come.”
Righht. Well, I wouldn’t want to inconvenience anyone with my business. So I’m thinking about going to get it. Mark’s still begging me to let his friend work on the T-bird, and that’s the guy who reportedly said I could keep at his shop. If the offer stands …
Now I just have to figure out how to do this without having it turn into the Mark Short show. I guess that means talking to these people directly, and not having Mark act like he’s the job foreman and these people are contractors he’s bringing in on behalf of his reluctant client (me).
In a way I wish I was strong enough to let go of the old Thunderbird. Completely let go of the past and just start over. But it’s one of my failings (or strengths) that I won’t abandon old friends. But in this case, it sure would save me a lot of headaches (not to mention money).

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