Thunderbird Saved

My cousin, Mark, surprised me today with an offer about my Thunderbird. We were over at the house, going over what he can have (he’s taking the fridge, stove, and a few other things). He asked what I was going to do about my Thunderbird. I told him that I had no idea. I had sort of kicked around the idea of parking it at a RV storage place in the next city over, but then I didn’t draw a paycheck this week (well, I did … a paycheck in the amount of $0). So I just didn’t know.
So Mark proposed something. He said if I would let him drive the car, he would work on it. I keep the title and ownership of the car, and he has something to drive. And we’ll work on it together to restore the car. When I come off the road or have somewhere to park it, I can simply take it back. His transportation problem is solved. My storage problem is solved.
Mark called a little while ago and told me that he had talked to a friend of his who owns a garage. We can park the T-bird over there at this guy’s shop. And when we’re working on it, we can use the lift in his garage.
I get misty just thinking about this. Mark will never know what he’s done for me. I know his offer wasn’t totally selfless, but it serves us both, and it saves the Thunderbird. I had already accepted the fact that I was going to have to let my old girl go. I’ve been kind of depressed all week about it.
This was unexpected. And it made my day.

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