Thoughts in Valdosta

Valdosta, Georgia. Just finished fueling and am about to go pick up my next load. I had intended to pick up earlier, but was laid low by my neck. Not sure what set it off, but it was hurting like hell. I took a couple of Goody’s powders and laid down. This threw me behind a bit.
I don’t know what happened to me last night. I wasn’t depressed or anything earlier. I stopped at that rest area and sat there listening to the rain, and just got knocked off of my feet. That’s usually the way it happens. I keep a tight lid on everything and then some minor detail lets the genie out of the bottle. I’m back to normal today. Blase’ about everything and just waiting for the weekend and a brief escape. I should be more upbeat. I’ve made a few steps toward recording. I just ordered a program that I think will push me to get back to writing. And the mechanic told me he would try to have my Thunderbird out of the shop by the end of the month. Good things, I think.
I genuinely wish I knew why none of this brings me any comfort.

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