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This Old Dawg (Yet Again)

I’d intended to work on what I’d recorded for This Old Dawg today, but wound up taking a different tack. One I didn’t expect or plan. Simply put, I started over from scratch. The drum track on the previous version was a little off, and I didn’t think I could fix it. Rather than bang my head against the damned wall on something I wasn’t sure I could fix, I just started over. Good thing, too. The new drum track is totally in the pocket, and the whole song just grooves because of it. It’s got a much better feel than the previous version.
Gods, I’m so ready to be done with this song. This is the 5th time I’ve taken a run at it. But I’m figuring out a recording process here. That takes time. What took so long on previous versions was the fact that I really didn’t have anything going into it but a bass riff and lyrics for the first two verses. All the guitar parts had to be improvised, and not all the improvisation worked. In fact, most of them didn’t, because I was so rusty after eight years of not really playing.
Well, this version’s working. I re-built the drum tracks and have recorded the bass and Strat guitar track. I’ve done more work today that I was able to do in all of last week. Mostly because now there’s a song to record and I know what the individual parts are.
All in all, I feel pretty productive. Maybe I’ll finally be able to finish this damned song.

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