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"This Old Dawg" Lyrics

I had to suspend recording last night because my fingers were too sore to play the lead parts that I need to lay down. Geez. You’d think I hadn’t really played in eight years or something. Anyway, I decided to start working on the lyrics. There are six verses in the song, and I only had the two original ones. Last night I didn’t get anywhere. I was just bumping my head against the proverbial wall. But I did manage to come up with the idea about how to approach the song. Mostly by remembering that the original inspiration for the song was my old friend, Kevin “Dawg” Galloway, who is a notoriously horny person. Basically, the idea was that the lyrics were taken from dialogue from an imaginary conversation, where someone was trying to pick up a woman.
Just to prove I actually am doing something here, I thought I’d post the lyrics. They’re a little more blue than I wanted, but I think they work. I mean, it’s all tongue-in-cheek. Naughty but not nasty. Just remembers that these are lyrics, not poetry. It has a meter that suits the song, and the song is not some flowery melody.
This Old Dawg
Senorita, what you gonna do tonight?
I’m just wonderin’ what you’re gonna do tonight.
Lawd this old dawg
Knows you’re gonna treat him right.

Ooo, lovey dovey, how you gonna make me squirm?
I’m just wonderin’ how you’re gonna make me squirm.
Lawd this old dawg
Knows you’ve got some tricks he wants to learn.

Hey, foxey lady, can I get inside your mind?
I’m just wonderin’ how to get inside your mind.
Lawd this old dawg
Knows you’re gonna make him blind.

Ooo, shakey puddin’, won’t you let me feel your burn?
I’m just wonderin’ how to get to feel your burn.
Lawd this old dawg
Knows you’re gonna make him squirm.

Oh, mi seniora, won’t you let me taste your fruit?
I’m just wonderin’ how to get to taste that fruit.
Lawd this old dawg
Knows he wants to slurp that juice.

Ah, mi chiquita, won’t you let me take you home?
I’m just wonderin’ how I get to take you home.
Lawd this old dawg
Loves ya right down through that bone.

– copyright © 2008 Wicasta Lovelace
So … what ya’ll think? Too much?

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