Thirty Years Behind Schedule

I expect to be around for a while yet, but I don’t see myself reaching a ripe, old age. That kind of sucks when you consider that I already feel like I’m thirty years behind schedule.


Having a strange day today. My kidneys hurt again. Not as bad as the episode from a few weeks back (which I never mentioned here), but enough to tank productivity. Sometimes I feel like I’m just not going to make it much further. Sure, I expect to be around for a while yet, but I don’t see myself reaching a ripe, old age. There are just too many things going awry physically. That kind of sucks when you consider that I already feel like I’m  thirty years behind schedule.


I imagine this post will be written in pieces. That’s all I have time for anymore. For example, the first paragraph was written on a Monday. This second is being born on a Tuesday. I’m part-way through my morning routine of piecing myself back together, about to throw something in “the pit” of my stomach, and add to it the spice of Goody’s powders in the hope of tamping down the whole-body aches and discomfort which always accompany returning to consciousness. Some days are worse than others. This one is about 3/4 toward the bad side of the scale.

I’m about to go to Walmart to pick up some craft supplies for the missus. She’s going to experiment with acrylic cuttings boards, upon which she’ll affix custom vinyl cut-outs she’ll make using her fancy new Silhouette Cameo machine (which, as you may have guessed, cuts shapes out of vinyl). After that, I’ll be heading over to the brother-in-law’s to install his new $1,500 outdoor Bose speaker system in his backyard, and finish up painting touch-ups on the exterior of the house. I hope to get in as much work there as I can, but there’s not much to do until the sheetrock people finish upstairs (which they were supposed to do yesterday) and I can move on to painting the interior up there.

We’re staring at a bad shortfall on the mortgage payment coming up on the 1st of next month. There’s no way I can get the entire amount, but I hope to get as close as possible. It’s damage control at this point.

Which leads to other issues. I’m still hammering away at the various Microsoft Office Specialist certifications. I finished up Word 2010 and received that certification. Now I’m working on Excel. This is all taking much longer than expected, and the prospect of getting a job because of it seems more distant than ever. In addition, I’ve been cramming algebra studies trying to prepare for a college placement test in a Quixotic campaign to sign up for classes at Saint Petersburg College, hoping to go for an Associates in Science degree with a focus on computer programming. So, short term plans, and long term plans. Added to responsibilities around here and working for the brother-in-law at every opportunity, none of this leaves time for much of anything else.

Anyway, I should get going. I’ve surprised myself by writing this much. Hopefully I’ll get back at some point to talk more about my hopes to record a version of “My Favorite Things” for our grand-daughter’s upcoming first birthday, and my seemingly delusional hope of assembling and publishing Mama’s cookbook, not to mention the scribbled notes I’ve made about recent travails which I hope to entomb in a book which is tentatively titled either 3,000 Miles, The Book of Wic, or Backup Memory #5.

I’ll be surprised if there’s a Wednesday post. There’s just no time.

Thirty Years Behind Schedule

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