Thinking About the Great Vacation

Heading out for the last week before the great vacation. Dunno if I’ve mentioned that.
Well, it’s starting to warm up. And I have no air conditioning in the truck. Also, because I’m being paid per diem, my taxes are going to be interesting this year, which means a consultation. I thought about requesting a day off to do that, but then started thinking about the downtime I’d eventually have to have in order to get the air conditioning repaired.
Well, it just seemed to me to make more sense to take a paid vacation. Drop off the truck for repairs, have plenty of time to get my taxes straightened out, and get paid besides.
I don’t imagine that’s all that will be on the itenerary. I need to go to Gastonia and check on my stuff in storage, as well as move over some stuff. I also have a yearning to get away into the Kings Mountain Battleground at least once next week. And I’ve thought about going to Asheville for a few days. I dunno. I think the main idea is to not make too many plans. Hell, half the fun will be just having mobility for a change, and not having to ask to borrow anyone’s car. It’ll also mean getting not having to continually put $10 of gas or more into someone’s car to go five miles to my truck.

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