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The War On Christmas – 2010: A Perspective from the Largely Empty Front Lines

The annual (and mythical) “War on Christmas” is being trotted out again this year. But according to Psychology Today, the habitual alarmists are not getting as much traction out of it this year. Excerpts follow;

Ours is an era fraught with urgent social problems. Take, for example, acronym/abbreviation* abuse. We live in a society in which people feel free to toss around phrases like “ATM Machine” and “PIN Number,” which, of course, translate into “Automated Teller Machine Machine” and “Personal Identification Number Number.” And don’t get me started on misguided pluralizations like “RBIs” and “POWs”…

That’s why it’s such a relief to find out that at least one of the truly pressing crises of our time appears to be on the road to resolution. According to recent reports, the “War on Christmas” may be in its final throes, and contrary to the fears of many, Christmas is winning.

In fact, one of the groups that has lobbied most vocally on this issue, the American Family Association, faced a challenge this year even finding a Public Retail Enemy #1 to boycott. Indeed, only 8 stores remain on their 2010 “Companies against Christmas” list, headed by Dick’s Sporting Goods. And what was Dick’s heinous crime? An on-line collection referred to generically as the “Holiday Shop,” which failed to make use of Christmas-specific nomenclature.

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