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I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot lately. Deep in my heart I have a nagging sense that I should abandon it entirely. Too much time and effort goes into it, and for what? Of course, I’ve sang that refrain often through the years, and yet here I am still.

What I’ve decided to do with this blog may seem like an odd decision, but it’s based upon precedent. Back in my truck driving days I had a lot of people who regularly read my blog because they liked the way I wrote about my life. It was easier to write things back then. I was a truck driver who was traveling the country, and that in itself often made for interesting posts. Now, though? I’m unemployed and spend my days submitting job applications, stocking our web stores, cleaning up the house and recording music or writing. There’s nothing much that happens during my day that’s worth writing about. Or at least nothing that lends itself to interesting prose.

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