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The Return Of Thor Sound

I’ve talked Victoria into playing bass some  for our band, Windhaven. We decided that my Alembic Spoiler was too big for her, and so I looked at alternatives. It didn’t take me long to realize that my old Aria Pro II TSB-350 (my first real bass) is a perfect fit. It’s a medium scale bass that has always stunned people by how easy it is to play. So while I can’t give the bass to Victoria, I’ve essentially turned it over to her. She’s already made great leaps and bounds on it.

Anyway, the bass has crackled like a mad dynamo for years. I’ve meant to open it up and check for loose wires or connections for ages. Last night I finally cracked open the back (it had been so long I had trouble getting the screws out of the backplate). Much to my surprise, the wiring was good. The only thing wrong with the bass was that the input jack contact arm wasn’t good contact with the guitar cord. It took about a minute to bend it back into place, and viola, the Thor Sound monster had returned.

I’m very glad to see this bass back in action. And how cool is it that my girlfriend is playing it? This is gonna be fun!

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