The Phony War Against the Critics

Dick CheneyI just came across an excellent article on The Washington Post web site. Essentially the article addresses the Bush Administration’s bizarre and frightening campaign to label anyone who disagrees with President Bush as someone who is un-American, potentially treasonous, and aiding and abetting terrorists.

I quote;

“One might also argue,” Vice President Cheney said in a speech on Monday, “that untruthful charges against the commander in chief have an insidious effect on the war effort.” That would certainly be an ugly and demagogic argument, were one to make it. After all, if untruthful charges against the president hurt the war effort (by undermining public support and soldiers’ morale), then those charges will hurt the war effort even more if they happen to be true. So one would be saying in effect that any criticism of the president is essentially treason.

Lest one fear that he might be saying that, Cheney immediately added, “I’m unwilling to say that” — “that” being what he had just said. He generously granted critics the right to criticize (as did the president this week). Then he resumed hurling adjectives like an ape hurling coconuts at unwanted visitors. “Dishonest.” “Reprehensible.” “Corrupt.” “Shameless.” President Bush and others joined in, all morally outraged that anyone would accuse the administration of misleading us into war by faking a belief that Saddam Hussein possessed nuclear and/or chemical and biological weapons.

Click here for full article.

Well, one might also argue that President Bush stole the 2000 election by being annointed and appointed by his rich Conservative buddies on the Supreme Court.

I’m unwilling to say that.

One might also argue that it undermines our military to cut combat pay, troop benefits, veterans benefits, etc. while our troops are still on the ground in a war zone.

I’m unwilling to say that.

Such language is a convenient way to say the nasty things one wants to say in a political situation and yet still retain the delusionary belief that this isn’t exactly what you said. It’s a convenient shelter for cowards. Given the fact that hardly anyone in the Bush Administration saw military service, it’s easy to understand why it’s their favorite tactic.

We are governed by school-yard bullies. Just like every other bully I’ve ever met, our President and Vice-President are tough as nails until someone calls them on their bullshit, and then suddenly they’re whining and crying about how unfair they’re being treated.

Or as I’ve said my whole life, every asshole thinks everyone else in the world is an asshole. They do no wrong, but are victims of cruelest fate. Somehow with this Administration, it’s far worse to suggest that they have done the things that they’ve clearly done, and said the things that they’re on record as saying, and made the mistakes that even their staunchest supporters are beginning to acknowledge. In short, by asking them to step up and act like adults, they have no other choice but to throw a temper-tantrum.

We should all be ashamed for asking the Bush Administration to explain itself. That makes us all a bunch of meanies.

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