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Nazi poster - While We Fight You Too Must Work For VictoryHow odd it seems to be scanning the news and find that Right-Wing propaganda has been published by Yahoo! News. Now, perhaps I’m a bit behind the times, but I was of the opinion that news sources such as Yahoo! and Google News are in the habit of posting links to other news sources, but didn’t take a specific stand on issues themselves. I wasn’t aware that Yahoo! had decided that its organization was in the business of shaping public opinion, much less that they had moved decisively to the right.

The title of the article was “Anti-Bush Reporting Ignores Larger Issues at Stake” and was written by a Conservative named John Leo. It reads like a press release from the Republican Party, replete with all of their tired old talking points about the media. Cindy Sheehan was created by the media and she hates America. By reporting on the milestone of 2,000 American soldiers killed in the Iraq fighting, the media proved its liberal bias. Reporting on President Bush’s never-ending gaffs is mean-spirited and is trying to shed a great man in a bad light. Discussing whether or not the Bush Adminstration lied to the American public in its rush to war is apparently un-American. Criticizing a junior Republican senator who had never served in the military for inferring that a decorated Vietnam veteran was a coward for asking President Bush to set a date for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq is just plain wrong. On and on and on.

I would expect to read this kind of tripe on NewsMax, WorldNetDaily or TownHall. I was quite surprised to find out that this was on Yahoo! News. It was not just a link to another news source, but had been published on the Internet by Yahoo! itself. This probably says more than I could ever say about how dangerously close the United States is skating to the thin ice of total Right-Wing domination. It has definitely ended what little remained of my respect for Yahoo! as an organization.

Perhaps my point can be made better by quotes from the article;

“She [Cindy Sheehan] is a loony Michael Moore clone, protected by the media’s ‘bereaved mom’ image.”

“58,000 died in Vietnam and almost 7,000 in a single World War II battle, Iwo Jima, all without front-page anti-war articles posing as compassionate news stories.”

“Can it be that many national reporters are so afflicted by Bush hatred that they can’t let go long enough to report stories straight?”

“Or take Rep. Jean Schmidt’s ‘coward’ outburst about Rep. John Murtha. Her statement was well over the top. But it was followed by typical media overkill.”

Each and every item mentioned in the article has been distorted. Jean Schmidt’s speech inferring that John Murtha was a coward was not a calculated statement, but “an outburst.” The resolution for immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq that was forced to a vote by the Republicans was not a bone-headed, simplified version of what Murtha had demanded (a political maneuver forced to a vote in order to back Democrats into a corner so that they would have to vote against bringing the troops home), but the Republicans giving Democrats what they wanted. It’s not important that over 2,000 American soldiers have died in Iraq, because far more died in Vietnam and World War II, and reporting on it shows Liberal media bias. Yada yada yada.

There is one common theme in Right-Wing reporting. They all talk about the same thing, and they all do that in the same way. Reality doesn’t enter into it here. “Perceived reality” is what the Republicans deal in. That, of course, is another word for opinion. If the Right-Wing believes that it is wrong to criticize President Bush for leading the nation to war based on mere supposition, then only a Liberal would criticize the President. Or, in short, if you disagree with the Right-Wing, then you’re a Liberal. That’s the gist of it. That is at the heart of this article. Anyone who disagrees with the writer’s politics is a Liberal and is biased. Somehow the writer isn’t aware of his own Conservative bias.

In my opinion, Conservatism is an infectious disease that is spreading across this country. Finding a clutch of such decidedly Right-Wing propaganda on Yahoo! News proves that. The United States is in a dangerous situation here in which we have a lot in common with pre-World War II Germany; the political party in charge of the country has undue influence over the media and is aggressively pushing its agenda. Am I saying that Republicans are Nazis? No. Of course not. But they’re using similar tactics. Remember. The Nazis didn’t directly control the media. But it was made very clear that supporting the agenda of the Nazi Party was in the best corporate interests of Germany’s newspapers, as well as the interests of other industries. I doubt that in the early stages any German could have foreseen where such abuse would lead. All one needs do to find the parallels in the American political landscape is review the career and tactics of former Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

We are on dangerous ground here. I just realized that Yahoo! is my enemy. I’ll add them to an ever-growing list. Hopefully the Republicans will not soon be victorious in suppressing the exercise of democracy that our forefathers fought so hard to establish, and for which they paid a dear price. If they are, one of the greatest experiments in human history will have been for naught. Here I speak of the establishment of American Democracy. If it fades and descends into the darkness of Repubican fascism and one-party control, then one bright, shining moment of the human race will recede into the shadow of memory and myth.

We will all lose.

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