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Dancing With The Green Fairy

Grand Absente AbsintheVictoria and I were rummaging around in the local ABC store today, when I came across some small bottles of Grande Absente absinthe. Well, needless to say, I snatched one up. It’s unlikely we could ever afford the big bottles, but this small bottle was definitely within our reach. Plus, it’s not like we’d want to sit around and sip absinthe all day. This is a special occasion drink, and we’ve already decided to save this for my birthday on the 7th.
I read up on this a bit. You have your typical snoots who don’t think this is quite as good as the absinthe brands that only snoots are willing to pay for. Personally, I don’t care. Whatever romantic notions have been attached to absinthe, the reality is that in its time it was simply a popular alcoholic drink. This Grande Absente absinthe is “hand crafted at the Distilleries et Domaines in Provence like it was in 1860”. Forgive me if I’m a snoot, but I have a hard time conceiving how Marilyn Manson’s brand, Mansinthe, (which seems to be mentioned a lot) is somehow a more accurate example of what absinthe should be than a brand that’s made from an original French recipe in a distillery where absinthe was made during the apex of its popularity. Frankly, these are the same people who squabble passionately about the bold finishing notes on $20 a pint beer. Posers, in other words.
Well, I won’t be trying my absinthe until my birthday, though I’m sure I’ll be coming back to it in some experimental fashion later on. Let’s see if there’s anything to this whole absinthe thing. No, I don’t expect hallucinations. Maybe, at best, the well described feeling of “clear-headed” inebriation or “lucid drunkenness”. But if I’m going to be hanging out with a vampire named Vasili Kruvoi, it wouldn’t hurt to visit his story while sipping one of his favorite drinks.


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