The Blonde and The Troopers

I just saw two state troopers helping a cute little blonde change her tire. It was kind of funny to watch the manliness that was being put on display. My first thought, as ever, was cynical. If that was a blonde boy, do you really think two state troopers would stop to change his tire for him?
Then I realized it’s just human nature. Men are expected to leap to the air of any woman in need. Or at least the decent men are. You add in the machismo of the law enforcement law enforcement community and it’s a done deal. The blonde boy would have been left to his own devices, because, after all, and real man can change his own damned tire.
It sounds like I’m over-thinking this, I know. Mostly I just thought it was funny. The troopers were changing that tire with military precision. And, being real men, I’m sure their sperm count went up afterwards.

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