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The Bitch Is Back

I just figured I would post something as a symbolic act of defiance to show that my blog is not only back up, but it’s intact. Well, except for the obvious missing images. I’m working on those. If you’ve visited my blog lately, you no doubt noticed that not only was it gone, but the entire web site was gone. I have some little prick named Star08 to thank for that; some loser who took took a few moments away from masturbating to his favorite Miley Cyrus poster to screw up people’s web sites. I assume this makes him a bonafide person or something. Hey, let him dream, right?
Anyway, the web site is a mess, but I’m slowly getting the different areas back online. My loser friend might have deleted the content of various web sites, but the idjit couldn’t get to the SQL databases where all of my data is stored. So getting things back online is as simple as re-installing WordPress, re-loading the themes, and thumbing my nose at my loser friend.
It’ll take some time to get everything straightened out. Mostly because this prick’s bullshit couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Victoria’s laptop bit the dust, and took with it all of my back-ups and saved WordPress themes. So I’m re-inventing the wheel where some of the web site sections are concerned. It’s not a big deal. Mostly it’s just annoying.
Anyway, here’s the blog. It’s back up and running. I’m sure I’ll shortly be posting mundane musings on unimportant subjects as often as I was before. Everything is running like shit at the moment, but I’m wrangling with my host provider to get them off of their asses and doing their jobs. That’s the bad thing about paying for your server a year in advance. The only time these assholes care about me is around renewal time (which isn’t until October).

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