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“Ten Feet Tall” & The Re-Birth of Windhaven

It’s an exciting time for Windhaven. We’ve just completed the first rough mix of our new song, “Ten Feet Tall”, the lead-off track on our upcoming CD, When The Winds Blow. It’s been a long time coming.

For us, the song represents a rebirth for Windhaven. Our original intent, to be an acoustic band, has sort of fallen by the wayside. That began to unravel when we first introduced the word “Blues” into our description. That just felt so right, and it made sense to our friends and supporters – those who had heard our original material.

It was Wicasta who campaigned for Windhaven to go electric. While working on the new recording of fan favorite, “Crazy Girl”, the pieces began to fall into place. “Crazy Girl” was not working acoustically. The bongos and congas didn’t fit, and the groove just wasn’t there. Our of frustration, Wicasta plugged in his Fender Stratocaster and replaced the original acoustic guitar track with an electric one. The song clicked! That led to a new drum tracks, featuring more traditional drums (albeit a softer, Jazz kit) and an entirely new bass line and inverted drum rhythm. Suddenly, he found himself wondering – “Is this Windhaven?”

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