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Write City Invite 5.05.11

Many thanks to Lauren Sapala for featuring me and Windhaven in the Write City Invite, a newsletter for the excellent writers’ group which meets weekly at the People’s Cafe in San Francisco, California. Windhaven and I are deeply honored to have been mentioned in the May edition of the Write City Invite, and to have […]

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Reverie Nightmare

The Death, Rebirth And Life Of Visili Kruvoi

In spite of the fact that I’ve been casting about for the right project and the right approach to get things rolling, one idea has remained constant. That concerns a vampire named Visili Kruvoi, who was born in the mid 1500’s, and who now lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida under the name of Bill Crewe. […]

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Vladimir Putin

A Vampire Named Crewe

Does this man look like a vampire to you? I suppose the answer to that question would really depend upon who asked it. In my visualizations for my vampire, Crewe, for some reason I kept thinking about Vladimir Putin. Not that Crewe is a dead ringer for Putin (no pun intended), but there’s something about […]

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