February 19, 2012 – Windhaven

Windhaven dropped to feature a few new songs, including their special tribute to Peggy “Mama Peggy” Chaney, as well as a handful of re-mixed and re-mastered songs from their 2011 release “When The Winds Blow”.

A Windhaven Christmas

We recorded our Christmas CD, A Windhaven Christmas, for family and friends, and never had any intention of selling it. We still stand by that, but we thought that in the spirit of the Christmas season, we would offer the CD to anyone who wants it. It’s not for sale, though. Send no money. It’s… Continue reading A Windhaven Christmas

Doubts, Goals And Feeling Ten Feet Tall

I posted Windhaven’s new song, “Ten Feet Tall” last night. I’m really excited about the song. It’s a great “toe-tapper” (Victoria thinks it’s sort of Rockabilly), and should definitely be something we can use to build some momentum for Windhaven. I was a little apprehensive this morning when I got up. It’s always frustrating to… Continue reading Doubts, Goals And Feeling Ten Feet Tall

“Ten Feet Tall” & The Re-Birth of Windhaven

It’s an exciting time for Windhaven. We’ve just completed the first rough mix of our new song, “Ten Feet Tall”, the lead-off track on our upcoming CD, When The Winds Blow. It’s been a long time coming. For us, the song represents a rebirth for Windhaven. Our original intent, to be an acoustic band, has… Continue reading “Ten Feet Tall” & The Re-Birth of Windhaven

Splitting The Atom (One Song At A Time)

You may have noticed that our music player on the web site has recently been stripped of most of its tunes. There’s a reason for this. Simply put, we’ve been busy as mad scientists around here, and have so fundamentally reinvented the proverbial wheel that we feel like we’re taking a completely new approach to… Continue reading Splitting The Atom (One Song At A Time)

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