Hanging Out With Mesu

I took the bait that Sony Online Entertainment dangled in front of me and logged-in to my Star Wars Galaxies account today. There’s not a chance in hell that I’d ever re-activate the account, but it was nice to log-in to see if my house and all was still there (it was). It’s amazing how… Continue reading Hanging Out With Mesu

Star Wars Galaxies: Combat Upgrade Apocalypse

Star Wars Galaxies. I trained level 4 flamethrower under Commando last night. I ground just shy of 800k heavy weapons xp yesterday (about 600k on the stormtroopers in Kor Vella. I’m glad I finished branch line out. I’m planning to help Mara get “glowy” when we go home, and this makes Mesu a lot more… Continue reading Star Wars Galaxies: Combat Upgrade Apocalypse

Jump To Lightspeed

The Jump To Lightspeed beta disc came today. I’m kind of iffy on it so far. Maybe I’ve just gotten old, but I don’t much care to zoom around in space and blow things up.

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