Amplitube 2

When I first started thinking of buying AmpliTube 2, what finally swayed me was when I tallied up all of the total virtual equipment that came in that box. 14 guitar amps 7 power amps 16 speaker cabinets 6 microphones 21 stomp effects 11 rack effects … and a tuner? Then I compared the $300… Continue reading Amplitube 2

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Ampeg SVX

I’ve always had a thing for Ampeg amps. So when I started looking at Amplitube 2, I naturally checked out the Ampeg SVX software, too. I mean… 4 bass amps 6 cabinets 6 microphones 8 stomp effects … and a tuner? This is all modeled on Ampeg gear. So basically what this represents is a… Continue reading Ampeg SVX

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