Moving (Again)

Well, yet another hosting provider has turned out to be pretty much useless. I’m beginning to wonder if it has something to do with my own personal gremlins, and that they find ways of infecting the systems that I use. Not that it matters. In the end, what matters is that my host, although more… Continue reading Moving (Again)

Rebuilding (Again)

It seems that the one tradition I’ve never been able to get away from at is the necessity to constantly upgrade the web site.  Most often it’s by choice, because I don’t like the way something looks or works. But this time, it’s because my server was hacked and everything on all but two… Continue reading Rebuilding (Again)

Art Section Upgraded

The art section has been converted to a blog format. The general idea is simply to make the collection easier to browse through. I liked the gallery format that I had, but I was about the only one. Most people favored thumbnails and proof-sheet sort-of format, which the gallery just couldn’t provide. Of course, now… Continue reading Art Section Upgraded

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