Is Afton Live A Scam? Any Worse Than Venues?

Every band who has a web site, MySpace or ReverbNation page has likely heard from Afton Live. From what I can gather, the company mass e-mails bands, preying upon the younger musicians who are excited about playing anywhere at any time.

Gevalia Coffee Scam

Is there a Gevalia Coffee scam? I just got yet another shipment of Gevalia coffee. I’m beginning to think that these guys should be taken out by a Navy SEAL team. I mean, how much coffee can one person drink, anyway? Actually, the problem with Gevalia is that they seem to have decided that I’m… Continue reading Gevalia Coffee Scam & Scams

Like everyone else, I imagine, I’ve been bombarded for years from e-mail spam from and I’ve dutifully ignored this crap. My general logic has always been that the companies who offer genuine products and services might send out advertisements, but they don’t have to spam the hell out of everybody. It’s a simple… Continue reading & Scams

Million Dollar Award Scam

Hey, I won a million dollars. And ya’ll say there is no Santa Claus. Haters! It’s always nice to win a million dollar award, eh? This was actually a quite good scam. Unless you check it out, of course. Then you find out that Webster Dixon has a web site at, but for some… Continue reading Million Dollar Award Scam

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