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Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury of a Candidate Scorned

The Right-Wing propaganda machine has been in an uproar lately over a recent Vanity Fair article on Sarah Palin. You know. Vanity Fair. That Liberal rag that’s known for its political hatchet jobs on unsuspecting Conservative politicians. Yeah, that Vanity Fair. Just out of curiosity I did a Google search using the phrases “Sarah Palin: […]

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Sarah Palin Joins Fox News

If you haven’t heard by now, Sarah Palin has joined the Fox News network as a commentator. This is a win/win for anyone who thinks she’s a dangerous ego-maniac. Palin gets a dedicated slot to go on television and whine about anybody who disagrees with her (and make herself look like even more foolish), and […]

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It’s Oh So Fitting to See Sarah Palin Quitting: Now What?

by Mike Lupica New York Daily News Sarah Palin quit on her stool as governor of Alaska Sunday night, talking about leadership as she did. She clearly imagines herself to someday be the next President of the United States, getting to tell guys like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad where to get off, yet leaves whining about a […]

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Beyond the Palin: Where Does the Republican Party Go From Here?

Why the GOP is falling out of love with gun-toting, churchgoing, working-class whites. By Rick Perlstein | NEWSWEEK Published Jul 10, 2009 From the magazine issue dated Jul 20, 2009 The conservative opinion elite is divided — irreconcilably so — about Sarah Palin’s decision to quit the Alaska governorship. One faction says good riddance: The […]

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Why, Oh Why, Won’t Sarah Palin Go Away? Isn’t It Time?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether or not one should write about certain people. I fervently hope that Sarah Palin will eventually go away, but she keeps finding ways to keep her profile afloat in the general consciousness. While she was a vice-presidential candidate, it was important to report on her bizarre theories and Right-Wing […]

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Sarah Palin Announces SarahPAC: The Feeding of Her Ego Will Continue

If you thought Sarah Palin was going to just fade away, you really weren’t paying attention when she said the only difference between a soccer mom and a pit bull was lipstick. The Alaska governor, who was the Republican nominee for vice president in that race that John McCain lost to Democrat Barack Obama last […]

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Sarah Palin Pages

There are those who rightly question the necessity of a segment of this web site being dedicated to Sarah Palin. Why, of all the politicians out there, have I chosen to single out Sarah Palin? Some will say it’s because she’s a woman who dared run in a presidential campaign. Others will say it’s because […]

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