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Rush Limbaugh Stop Pretense, Says Of Obama – “I Hope He Fails”

In a sick way, it’s been fun watching the Republicans wrangle over the contentious Obama issue since the election. I wondered on the morning after the election how long it would be before the Republicans dropped their pretense of being interested in bi-partisanship, and all this talk from some quarters of the G.O.P. about how […]

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Paul Weyrich, Founder of the Heritage Foundation, Is Dead

An article on UPI today caught my eye. Apparently one of the architects of the mobilization of the Religious Right has died. I can only assume that this came as a surprise to Paul Weyrich, and he’s made clear through the years that he and others like him were somehow better human beings than those […]

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Designated Right-Wing Operative of Morning Talk

Quote: “Look, if I sat here buck naked, people would probably see ‘McCain’ across my chest. That’s who my heart is for.” Quote: “I think it’s the liberal bias in the media that I’m the one who’s argumentative.” Quote: “Obviously, no one’s denied the right to marry, you could marry someone of the opposite sex.” […]

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Dr. Laura Transcript

(Note: We thought we would pass this along. Thus far the only mention of the controversy surrounding Dr. Laura has been from excerpts of her conversation with the young girl. Since this is a reasonably complete transcript, we thought we would pass it along. – The Watch) From: KarLee <karlee@…> Subject: From another list Date […]

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Bauer Says Littleton Memorial Should Reflect Religious Belief

U.S. Newswire 20 May 12:28 Gary Bauer Says Littleton Memorial Should Reflect Deeply Felt Religious Belief To: National Desk, Political and Religion Reporters Contact: Tim Goeglein of Bauer for President 2000, 703-933-2000; Web site: http://www.bauer2k.com LAKEWOOD, Colo., May 20 /U.S. Newswire/ — Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer, speaking to a school group today in this […]

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Bauer to Travel to Denver to Make Case for Littleton Memorial

U.S. Newswire 19 May 16:30 Bauer Travels to Denver Thursday to Make the Case for Littleton Memorial Reflecting Religious Faith of Those Slain WASHINGTON, May 19 /U.S. Newswire/ — Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer travels to the Denver suburb of Lakewood Thursday, May 20, in the midst of a growing debate over whether the memorial […]

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