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The Ghost In The Machine

I am the ghost in the machine, The fixer of all things, Purveyor of time and hope And oblivion. Look into my eyes for strength, Into my heart for understanding, And when morning comes again There is change. Do not fear me, do not hate me, For I walk among you As a beacon of […]

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The Girl In The Rain

A Human Being

In shadowlands dance I with skulls for bells fingerbones for toothpicks choking life from the sinew ambrosia from the mildew and purpose from coincidence, laughing as desperate hands claw at my trouser cuffs, raw in this dystopian illusion where for a moment it seemed the ether would coalesce and somehow become… a human being. In […]

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Weight of Flesh

How I resent these stiff, tortured bones, the aching, sweaty weight of flesh. I would be free, formless and weightless; a whisper on soft summer winds. I would be strong, but incorporeal; rolling thunder and falling rain… Become music, and danced abandon; slip these mortal bonds for the skies. Featured poem for August, 2009. Permalink: […]

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